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The Cooper Winston Furchill Fund

A dog can change a life, and we can change a dog’s life. Cooper was adopted in March 2020 and immediately began to enrich the lives of his new family, bringing joy and light in the home during the COVID-19 lockdown. However, Cooper suffered from anxiety. To support him and his training journey, Cooper’s mom enrolled him in training with Kelly.

Cooper’s wonderful humans established The Cooper Winston Furchill Fund to provide training for rescue dogs. This fund provides rescue dogs a second chance by donating the cost of training to those who do not have the resources available.

To date, the Cooper Winston Furchill Fund has changed the life of more than a dozen dogs who have attended classes on scholarship, and have since found their forever homes.


We reached out to Cooper’s mom to learn more about what inspired her.

Q: What inspired you to start the Cooper Winston Furchill Fund?

Cooper's fund began as an idea to 'pay it forward'. After 1:1 training sessions with Kelly, Cooper began to trust her and Kelly taught us best practices to acclimate Cooper to our home and lives.

This also included an agility class to further establish our family bond and give Cooper a fun, stimulating experience. We signed up for almost every agility course since.

Kelly mentioned various rescue organizations for whom she volunteers and trains and are always looking for help and support for rescue dogs. My husband and I decided we could, in a small way, support other dogs who could benefit from training and support, just like we had done for Cooper.

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