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About Us

Patience, Persistence, Positive Reinforcement, Praise & Play

Always passionate about animals, Kelly fell in love with her first pit bull in 2006. She began to volunteer at MCHS, and then MCASAC shelters, working with difficult to handle dogs, studying behavior – attending classes every Sunday - and training specific dogs to make them more adoptable. She also joined OPH rescue and was the lead for developing the rescue in Montgomery County, MD.

In 2008, she began to rescue and rehabilitate pit bulls and still does so today. Kelly began teaching obedience and agility at Zoom Room in 2012, and also became the “Pit Bull Mentor” for students struggling with their (mostly rescued) pit bulls. Brutus, her actively working certified therapy dog, passed his CGC and they joined NCTD in 2014, attaining additional READ Certification immediately. Together, Kelly and Brutus began working with middle school aged children with behavioral problems in alternative education schools/programs. Kelly was elected to the NCTD Board in 2016 as an officer and still serves as Secretary.


In 2021, Kelly assembled a team who shares her vision and philosophy in training and founded 4 On the Floor. Our mission is to help every dog achieve their fullest potential and live happy and healthy lives through natural and positive solutions. We use ONLY positive, force free, harm free training methods. Since our inception, we have built a wonderful community and have grown through word of mouth referrals! The highest compliment we can get is a referral and your trust in us to care for the next dog just as well as we did yours. 

We hope you and your dog will join us to learn, play, and have some fun!

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