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Our Team

Here at 4 On the Floor, we operate as a team. We plan curriculum together, train together, and help one another grow in our skills. We model what we hope to see with our clients, a community based on respect and support.
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Kelly Citrin

Founder & Head Trainer

Kelly’s background in rescue is what drives her to make changes in the lives of the dogs and humans she interacts with. Her  training philosophy is “Patience, Persistence, Positive Reinforcement, Praise & Play." She believes an integration of these concepts is key to a successful and happy human and pup. In addition to serving as the trainer for Capitol Canines Animal Rescue and Forever Changed Animal Rescue, she volunteers for and works with several other rescues. Her areas of concentration include working with reactive dogs, preparing pups for their CGC & Training Therapy Dogs/coaching them for their test, and providing proper training for puppies & rescued dogs right from the start, including a focus on supplying family training, non-competitive agility and more.


Kelly lives in Bethesda with her three rescued pit bulls, Ayla, Brutus and Sadie. All three had been tossed away and are now living as one, big, happy family.

MBA, CPDT-KA, Member APDT, PPG & MAAPPPT (Mid Atlantic Association of Professional Positive Pet Trainers)

Secretary, National Capital Therapy Dogs Trainer

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Julie Davidson


Julie Davidson has been living with dogs her whole life, but became interested in serious, positive reinforcement training and behavior modification after adopting a reactive dog in 2013. Helping Quentin live a happy life became her priority, and a journey began. From taking classes with Quentin, to now teaching them with Kelly, Julie is excited to be helping many dogs and their people live their happiest, best lives together. She is a member of APDT & PPG, and dedicated to harm free, fear free, science based training. She lives with her husband, and two dogs, Quentin, and Madeline in Montgomery County.

Member APDT & PPG

Deanna Schuster


Deanna started her journey in pet nutrition 3 years ago after the untimely passing of one of her beloved dogs due to her diet. This led her to meeting Kelly through her work, and she found another way to pursue her passion in dog training. She lives in Bethesda with her 15-week old German Shepherd puppy, Lenox, who has been a star pupil at 4OTF since the day he joined Deanna's family. Having her own dog in training has really opened her eyes to dog behavior and learning. She applies the skills and discipline she gained as a collegiate athlete with training on a daily basis, and offers our clients board and train programs.

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Kelly B.



Kelly’s interest in animal behavior was sparked by training her anxious golden retriever, Luna. Together they took as many classes as they could, and Kelly couldn’t get enough! Pursuing her training with Luna led to her interest in animal behavior, and in addition to dogs, Kelly has now clicker trained her three cats and her horse. Kelly is excited to join the 4 on the Floor team and offer daytime puppy classes and play groups, as well as day training for some pups. Contact us if you are interested!

E. Foley



E. Foley (she/her) is an agility addict who accidentally fell in love with rally. She took her first rally class hoping the structure would help her young cocker spaniel, Syrio, gain focus and be better at agility. It soon became clear that Syrio adored rally and he made a career change. Syrio quickly earned his first two championship titles and was the #8 ARCH dog in the country in 2019. E is the owner and lead trainer at Foley's Dog Training, based in Burtonsville, MD.

Mimi Tello

MS Management, MBA


In 2013, Mimi adopted an Alaskan Malamute from and she volunteered so much that she became Vice President Treat Giver. Mimi consulted with Pat Miller, CBCC-KA, CPDT-KA who recommended that she register for the Pet Professional Guild (PPG) Geek Week and for CHAAMP to join the PPG. Pat also referred her apprentice, Stephanie Peebles, whose presence created peace and tranquility. Positive reinforcement works for dogs and people! In 2021, Mimi met Kelly at Beltway Barks and is so grateful. She is now a PPG Shelter & Rescue Organization member, and is studying to become a Certified Professional Dog Trainer.

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Veronica Beman

Assistant Trainer

Veronica (she/hers) discovered a love for dog training soon after she adopted her pup Willa in January 2021. Willa had pretty intense separation anxiety, so for the first nine months, instead of leaving her home, Veronica just… took her everywhere. This motivated Veronica to create a deep bond and clear communication between her and her dog, and she has since developed a passion for supporting others with their own doggie connections and communication skills. Veronica can’t wait to keep learning all she can from the rest of the 4 On The Floor team, and hopes to soon become PPG certified.