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Meet Our Team

Here at 4 On the Floor, we operate as a team. We plan curriculum together, train together, and help one another grow in our skills. We model what we hope to see with our clients, a community based on respect and support.


Kelly Citrin


Founder & Lead Trainer

Kelly’s background in rescue is what drives her to make changes in the lives of the dogs and humans she interacts with. Her training philosophy is

Patience, Persistence, Positive Reinforcement, Praise & Play."


She believes an integration of these concepts is key to a successful and happy human and pup. In addition to serving as the trainer for Capitol Canines Animal Rescue and Forever Changed Animal Rescue, she volunteers for and works with several other rescues. Her areas of concentration include working with reactive dogs, preparing pups for their CGC & Training Therapy Dogs/coaching them for their test, and providing proper training for puppies & rescued dogs right from the start, including a focus on supplying family training, non-competitive agility and more.


Kelly lives in Bethesda with her three rescued pit bulls, Ayla, Brutus and Sadie. All three had been tossed away and are now living as one, big, happy family.

MBA, CPDT-KA, Member APDT, PPG & MAAPPPT (Mid Atlantic Association of Professional Positive Pet Trainers)

Secretary, National Capital Therapy Dogs Trainer


Missy Dilla

Missy is a top Maryland trainer dedicated to positive reinforcement, force-free & free training methods. Driven by a lifelong interest in human and animal psychology, Missy's commitment to understanding the science, emotion, and feeling beneath the surface fuels her passion for dog training and behavior modification. She shares the 4 On The Floor belief that a strong foundation, built on mutual trust, understanding, and loyalty, is the key to success for human and dog teams.

Missy is a volunteer for National Capital Therapy Dog (NCTD).


Mimi Tello

In 2013, Mimi adopted an Alaskan Malamute from and she volunteered so much that she became Vice President Treat Giver. Mimi consulted with Pat Miller, CBCC-KA, CPDT-KA who recommended that she register for the Pet Professional Guild (PPG) Geek Week and for CHAAMP to join the PPG. Pat also referred her apprentice, Stephanie Peebles, whose presence created peace and tranquility. Positive reinforcement works for dogs and people! In 2021, Mimi met Kelly at Beltway Barks and is so grateful.


She is now a PPG Shelter & Rescue Organization member, and is studying to become a Certified Professional Dog Trainer.

Grayson & Me Columbia Mall.png

Kimberly Reilly Agzigian
Member APDT & PPG


Kimberly’s dog training journey began as a result of volunteering for collie rescues. She was shocked to see so many young collies being surrendered or returned due to “behavioral issues”. Kimberly met Kelly when she and her collies became certified therapy dog teams with National Capital Therapy Dogs (NCTD). 

Kimberly is an AKC evaluator for S.T.A.R. Puppy, Canine Good Citizen (CGC), Community CGC (CGCA), Urban CGC (CGCU), and Trick Dog. She is a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT) and the Pet Professional Guild (PPG). In addition, Kimberly is a board member for National Capital Therapy Dogs (NCTD). 


Michele Miller

Michele has many years experience in all things rescue. In 2018, she met her match in her 110lb reactive, resource guarding, adolescent Newfoundland foster, Lucie!  Determined to help Lucie live a happy, Michele sought out help from the force free community as well as her regional working dog group. Over the past 5 years, Michele has worked with and assisted several trainers, attended 2 intern academies with Pat Miller at Peaceable Paws, and volunteers with Colonial Newfoundland Club's Working Dog and Education committees. She's the Vice President of Colonial Newfoundland Rescue where she manages intakes and provides training support to fosters and newly adopted dogs. Michele is driven by her commitment to improving how we assess and manage the behavioral needs of dogs in rescue and supporting the use of force free training methods in the working dog and dog sports communities.

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Janine Castorina
AKC Evaluator for CGC, Tricks & ACT Agility

Janine has been training and competing in the sport of agility for several years and training dogs for over 10 years. Agility and tricks are her favorite sports. 

Janine finds teaching agility, tricks and training in general to be a uniquely rewarding experience. She loves being together with the students and the dogs are great. She enjoys watching them progress in dog sports and grow as teams.

In addition to volunteering for a dog club, Janine has volunteered for several dog rescues, where she advocates for positive reinforcement training.


Morgan Stroup

Morgan’s goal is to help foster a better relationship between dogs and their owners using positive training methods and activities that are both fun and practical. She puts a high emphasis on a solid foundation between teams utilizing pattern and engagement games. She participates in a wide variety of canine sports, including but not limited to: Agility, BarnHunt, AKC Conformation, Trick Dog, FastCat & Coursing, and Dock Diving.

Morgan holds certificates from Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner (KPA-CTP), is a Pet Professional Guild (PPG) member and an AKC CGC and Trick Dog Evaluator.


Liya Lachovizer
Marker (KPA) Certified

After adopting her dog, Phoebe, Liya became interested in dog training. Using her BSc in Psychology from Ithaca College, Liya started researching about dog training until she decided to pursue it as a career. She became a certified trainer through Marker Training Academy for Dog Behavior and Modification, a force-free training school using KPA techniques in Israel, in 2022. She started taking on clients for private training at that time and also incorporated her experience of dog walking pups of all breeds and temperaments into her training. 

Liya is passionate about animal welfare. Seeing people use forceful and punitive methods on their dogs ultimately drove her to become a force-free trainer. She loves to help pet parents better understand their dogs and strengthen the communication between dogs and their guardians.


Steve J. Mulder

Steve began his journey with dogs when he and his family adopted their Aussie mix, Abby, from a high-kill shelter in North Carolina in late 2011.  Abby helped Steve discover  the joy of dog ownership and training and to such an extent that Steve left the lobbying profession and started his own dog-training facility in Montgomery County in 2012 where he ran nearly 30 group classes per week. 


Steve is now a full-time Realtor, but has never stopped training dogs individually and is super excited to return to dog training in a class setting. Steve practices and strongly believes in positive reinforcement training and has helped many hundreds of dog owners achieve great success with their dogs using these tried-and-true methods.

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