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Client Reviews


Our clients are our family

One of the most important goal that we have is for our clients, both dogs and humans, to learn in a safe, fun, and enjoyable environment. We work to create not just informative classes, but communities where trainers, clients, and pups all work together to support one another and grow together. Our human and canine clients are our family. The highest compliment we can receive is a referral from you, and the trust that you give us to care for your dog and any dog you refer as if they were one of our own dogs.

We have built a wonderful community and have grown through your word of mouth referrals!

What our clients are saying?

"I highly recommend Kelly and her staff! She teaches both the puppy and the human. Her positive reinforcement techniques and training tips really work."

~ Claudine Rubin

"Ranger's favorite day of the week is when he gets to go to class with his siblings at 4 On the Floor. Our puppy wouldn't be the same amazing dog that he is without our favorite trainers!"

~ Desi & Ben Stapleton

"We are immensely grateful for Kelly and her team. Kelly worked tiredlessly with some of our rescue's most reactive dogs. Dogs who were being passed up over and over because people are unable to see past their barking and lunging when they see a stimulus. Without Kelly's patience, love, care, and faith in our dogs and fosters, we would not have been able to find the amazing homes that our most difficult dogs are in now."

~ Forever Changed Animal Rescue

"I have had dogs all my life, and I thought I knew how to train my dogs. After getting my first puppy in 15 years during the pandemic, I realized I needed to refresh some of my skills. Kelly's training methods opened my eyes and it's like a lightbulb went off! Her methods just simply made common sense and I don't know how I never knew it before. I highly recommend Kelly to any dog parent, regardless of whether you're brand new at this, or if you have had dogs all your life. You will 100% learn something new!"

~ Dorothy Tortrix

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