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Group Classes

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Interested in training your dog? 4 On the Floor trainers are multilingual! Translators are available for Spanish, ASL, French, and Mandarin. Please note your language preference in your intake form.


Socialize, play, learn basic behaviors with your pup!

Brilliant Puppy

ages 8-20 weeks

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  • Socialize the correct way

  • Learn to train positively & properly

  • Prevent behavior problems by instilling foundation behaviors

  • Expose your puppy to new sounds, sights, smells, dogs, and people in a positive ways

  • 15 minutes of puppy playtime included, with on-the-spot feedback from 2 experienced trainers!

Brilliant Puppy

8-20 weeks

5 Week Class | $265

Savvy Dog

Dogs 5 months+

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  • Advance your training skills & strengthen your relationship with your dog

  • Begin focusing on behaviors needed for Canine Good Citizen & Therapy dog work, or just a wonderful family companion

  • Apply existing behaviors to real-life situations

  • Prepare your pup for public performance!

Savvy Dog

5 months+
5 Week Class| $285

Genius Pup

Adolescent dogs
ages 4-14 months

  • Build on foundation behaviors properly & positively

  • Continue your pup's socialization after Brilliant Puppy or other puppy training

  • Strengthen recalls & loose leash walking

  • Introduce down/stay & more!

  • Prepare your pup for CGC or Therapy dog work

  • 15 minutes of puppy playtime included, with on-the-spot feedback from 2 experienced trainers!

Genius Pup

4 - 14 months
5 Week Class | $285

Catch Up Your Pup(py)!

Dogs 5 months+


For pups who missed their foundational puppy training!

  • Would you love for your pup to...

    • Come when called?

    • Stay when asked?

    • Walk on a loose leash?

    • Keep all 4 paws on the floor, especially when greeting?


This class is the perfect way to revisit these foundational behaviors with your adult dog!

Catch Up Your Pup

5 months+

5 Week Class| $300


Generalize/strengthen behaviors, learn more & socialize!

Shape Up
Your Pup

Dogs 5 months+


For dogs that need a refresher - fine tune 4 behaviors in 4 weeks!

  • Perfect for adult dogs needing to fine-tune existing behaviors in a positive, fun way!

  • Solidify your dog's ability to come when called, stay when asked, walk on a loose leash, and keep four on the floor!

  • Strengthen your relationship with your dog properly & positively 

Shape Up

5 months+
4 Week Class | $285

CGC Advantage

For adult dogs


For adult dogs preparing for their Canine Good Citizen examination

  • Strengthen the skills necessary to pass the Canine Good Citizen evaluation, including: 

    • Walking through a crowd

    • Sitting politely for petting

    • Loose leash walking

    • Calmly meeting new people & dogs

    • Recalls, down/stays, & three minute separation from owner

  • Strengthen your dog's focus on you

  • A perfect doorway to Therapy Dog work!


9 months+
6 Week Class + Testing | $365

Therapy Dog Prep

Dogs 5 months+


Prepare to become a therapy dog with the guidance of our National Capital Therapy Dogs board member!

Kelly, our founder & lead trainer, is on the board for NCTD & is their trainer for the Montgomery County, Maryland region. She has an actively working therapy dog and in addition to group prep classes, does private therapy dog work, as well!

Therapy Dog Prep

Contact 4 On The Floor for more information.

Community Canine

Dogs 5 months+


An out-and-about style class, perfect for generalizing existing behaviors to new environments.

Travel to four locations in four weeks!

  • Explore new sights, sounds, smells, and environments with your pup!

  • Generalize existing behaviors to new environments - in a positive and fun way!

  • Improve your pup's confidence & bond with you

Community Canine

5 months+
4 Week Class | $300


Dogs 5 months+


An outdoor class for leash reactive dogs!

  • Support your reactive dog in learning how to be calm around their triggers

  • Learn how to manage and train reactive situations in a proper & positive way 

  • Increase your dog's confidence in distracting settings

  • 2-3 trainers for on-the-spot feedback and support


5 months+
5 Week Class | Growly 1 $385 | Growly 2 $350

Senior Games & Fitness

For senior &

adult dogs


Seniors Rule! While your senior dogs may enjoy a bit shorter of a walk and more naps on the couch, don't discount their need for fitness & mental stimulation. This games-based class will provide cognitive support for your senior pup and teach you safe ways to help maintain muscle mass and body awareness while having fun with your pup!

Senior Games & Fitness

For senior dogs & adult dogs with physical limitations


Learn something new & have fun with your dog!

1 & 2

Starting dogs 9 months+


Learn skills and handling techniques for canine agility!

  • Develop agility foundational skills & handling techniques

  • Learn & practice elements & short sequences

  • Improve your bond with your dog using positive reinforcement training

  • Provide your pup with mental stimulation & physical exercise!

9 Months+
3-4 Week Class | Up to $325

Agility (1 & 2)

Tricks, Agility & Games

Dogs 6 months+


Learn foundational agility & tricks skills, and just plain have fun!

  • Give your dog tons of mental and physical enrichment, increasing their confidence & bond with you!

  • Play group games to strengthen behaviors.

  • Learn to train and play in a positive way!

  • Lay foundations for dog sports.

  • Increase your dog's focus on you and ability to learn and try new things

6 Months+
4 Week Class | $325

Tricks, Agility &

Super Sniffers

Dogs 4 months+

super sniffers.png

Playing with scent is a fun and easy way to enrich dog's lives.

  • Help your dog burn energy

  • Build your pups confidence

  • Address your pup's behavioral challenges!

Tap into our dogs' sniffing potential through fun games that you can play at home and even apply to real world situations!

4 Months+
5 Week Class | $275

Super Sniffers

Rally 1 & 2

Starting dogs 6 months+


Learn the signs for World Cynosport Rally!

  • Improve your dog's impulse control & focus on you

  • Advance your dog's obedience skills, such as loose leash walking & heeling

  • Strengthen your relationship with your dog in a positive training environment!

6 Months+
6 Week Class | Up to $325

Rally (1 & 2)

(Novice, Intermediate, & Advanced)

Starting dogs
6 months+


Challenge yourselves and your pups in a new way by introducing them to tricks!

These classes will introduce you to the world of tricks and you will learn 10 new skills so you can pursue/earn your AKC Novice Tricks title at the end of class!

6 Months+
4 Week Class | $300


Brain Games

For adult dogs

Screenshot 2024-04-21 21.16.51.png

Have you ever wondered “How smart is my dog?”  Your dog’s intelligence will amaze you, your family, and your friends!

In this class dogs will learn:

  • How to identify colors

  • How to identify shapes

  • The names of toys

  • How to read

Adult dogs
4 Week Class | $300

Brain Games

Calendar Classes

** = First session 

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